Content marketing: the digital strategy that you must know in depth

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy focused on attracting potential customers in a natural way, from relevant content that is distributed in the different channels and digital media in which the audience is.

Digital Marketing stopped being a market trend to become an indispensable investment for most companies, but you already know that, right? Today, anyone who wants to remain relevant to their customers needs to have online visibility.

Therefore, the issue is no longer the need to be on the Internet, but how to be present in it to win the attention of the public and stand out among your competitors who are already there.

You have to adopt the best and most modern customer acquisition strategies, the main element being: an Inbound Marketing strategy. One of the main ones is Content Marketing, which is used and recommended by the world’s leading specialists.

If you still do not know Content Marketing or do not master this modality, we have prepared this definitive guide for you so that you can learn everything you need to know to become an expert.

What is content marketing

Content Marketing is a way to involve your target audience and grow your network of leads and customers through the creation of relevant and valuable content, attracting, involving, and generating value for people and, in this way, create a perception positive of your brand, generating more business.

But, to make it even clearer in your mind, I’m going to break down the concept and explain it to you in detail:

“Content Marketing is a way to engage your target audience and grow your network of leads and customers …”

First of all, you need to understand that the time when we were forced to passively watch television commercials is gone.

Today, the public has more power than ever to choose the content they want to consume and how to interact with it. And you have the power and knowledge to produce exactly the content that your audience wants.

through the creation of relevant and valuable content

Traditional professionals find it difficult to stop talking about their products and focus on what the public wants: really useful content.

Good content is not focused on selling, but on bringing some benefit to those who read it, such as solving a problem, clarifying a doubt or teaching something. The sale is only one consequence of this process.

Attracting, involving, and generating value for people

The content you create is not only useful, but it also delivers the right message to your audience when they need it most. You exceed expectations by providing content so incredible that your audience will want to share it with others.

In order to, in this way, create a positive perception of your brand and thus generate more business.

That is the most interesting part! Since you helped him when he needed it most, your audience will have a positive vision of your brand.

And, as we well know, people are more likely to do business with brands they know and like than with unknown brands.

The ultimate goal of marketing is: always bring positive results for the company! And, with Content Marketing, that goal can be achieved.

How? Now I will tell you.

How Content Marketing is linked to Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing is the main Digital Marketing strategy today. And, within it, is Content Marketing. In this topic, we are going to show you how Inbound principles make a difference in a content strategy.

To talk about the benefits and importance of Content Marketing, it is essential that we first understand what the Inbound methodology is.

Inbound Marketing is any marketing strategy that seeks to capture people’s interest without invading or interrupting their experience.

Unlike aggressive advertisements that shoot ads in people’s faces when they are unprepared, their goal is to subtly engage audiences.

You let the public come to your company respecting their time and you wait for them to give you permission to pass on your message. That is why Inbound is also called attraction marketing.

To achieve this, Inbound is based on four pillars:

Attract: through relevant content, inbound attracts visitors interested in the business’

Convert: here, the intention is to transform visitors into leads, bringing them closer to your business and transforming them into potential sales.

Sell: is your lead interested in the product or service that your company offers? This is the time to show him that your solution is the best and close the sale.

Enchant: the relationship between your company and your customer does not end with the purchase. Inbound preaches a lasting relationship, in which you offer all the necessary support, in addition to charming the client with interesting materials and competent attention.

Basically, what you need to know is that doing Content Marketing is following the Inbound methodology.

That is, it is attracting your audience to gain their trust and win loyal followers for your brand. But there are several other benefits of Content Marketing for your business, as I am going to explain now.

What are the benefits of Content Marketing
Why use Content Marketing? In this section, we will show you the main advantages of the strategy for your company to achieve its business objectives.

According to a report posted on Neil Patel’s blog, 93% of B2B marketers use this methodology in their customer acquisition strategy.

As the figures show, most companies already know the benefits of this methodology.

But why are they betting on it?

Well, the reasons are several and very interesting for your business. In addition to generating value for you, Content Marketing:

  1. Increase your site traffic
    The digital transformation has made most people use the Internet to search for information, especially search engines like Google. That is, your site is the main gateway for new customers and Google is the way to it.

Producing relevant content is the best way to get your site on the first page of Google – where it will always be found by your audience – and let that door invite them in.

The proof of this is that companies that use Content Marketing have, on average, twice the number of visits to their sites. And if you produce more than 13 content per month, that number is quadrupled!

  1. Generate brand awareness
    The production of content helps more people recognize your brand and get to know the products and / or services that your company offers.

As I already explained, people tend to buy brands that are familiar to them and for which they feel sympathy.

A regular reader of your blog, for example, will prefer your brand when they need to buy a product or service. After all, he already knows you and you have probably already helped him several times with your content.

  1. Increase engagement with your brand
    While brand awareness increases the number of people who know and have a positive perception of your brand, engagement seeks to build a close and constant relationship with a select audience.

By producing quality content, you increase people’s interactions with your brand, creating real engagement.

The result of this is evangelizers who recommend and defend it.

  1. Educate the market
    Many times, your target audience does not understand well the market in which it is inserted, what the products offered by your company are for, etc.

In that case, don’t give up! Produce content that answers customer questions and teaches them everything they need to know to make the purchase decision for themselves.

If your content is really of quality, you will overcome objections and increase customer satisfaction, since they will arrive at the time of purchase knowing your product in detail and how to use it.

  1. Generate sales in the medium term
    Surely you are thinking: but is not generating sales what all companies want?

Yes of course! However, it is not always the end goal of the Content Marketing process.

Increasing the number of sales, in this case, means focusing your content production to guide your leads through the entire purchase process and prepare them for decision making.

In any case, business opportunities arise naturally when the content strategy is done in a disciplined manner and following good practices.

From the production of rich materials in an editorial calendar, the attraction of the buyer persona to your website is favored. Thus, your potential customers access your website and find you before the competition.

Nothing better for a sales team than to reach a perfect potential client first, right?

Developing content focused on the terms that your buyer persona is searching for on Google increases exposure.

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